Why Interfaith?

 Understanding and embracing an Interfaith theology can mediate the satiated-saturated-but-still hungry-spiritual climate of today. Interfaith holds the “both/and” paradigm, inclusive and accepting of all names and faces of the Divine Expression which lead to interconnection and spiritual sustainance.



The star-filled sky.

Bright from the light of one sun.

Many, many stars.



Having an Interfaith  understanding does not mean that one has not committed to a faith belief or spiritual practice. It means that the inner spiritual viewpoint has shifted. We see that the mountain we stand on has many faces. We know  there is enough light for all of us. We can wonder, wander and celebrate the play of lila the Divine, the curious ways our life can and will change when our vision of God grows. We become, like Hafiz, the 14th Century Persian poet…



                   IN LOVE WITH GOD,  IN LOVE WITH LOVE

Home is Where the Heart is