I am deeply humbled by the testimonials given by the chaplaincy students, inmates, and others below. I hope I can continue to uphold the qualities they have outlined. Thank you all.  I am listing many of these anonymously, as the comments themselves were listed on evaluations of different teachings I’ve given.


This testimonial means so much to me as it is from the person who really saw me, and gave me the strength and confidence to believe in myself. Gina Rose Halpern is the one who raised the bar, showed me a vision, which was MY vision. Thank you Gina Rose!


-For me, Susan Shannon is a spiritual hero.  I know enough about her life and her dedication to spiritual practice to stand in awe. Susan called our class to examine our concerts of prayer and the spiritual relevant of our lives with new eyes. Her offerings were from the heart, yet pushed our edges of creativity and consciousness.  When you speak, I listen, and when you write, my spirit jumps up and asks for second helpings. You are a rare blend of holy mystic and pragmatic doer. This is a combination , that I pray, brings you all the blessings that you so freely offer to others…



From Jarvis Masters on San Quentin’s Death Row, Author of “That Bird Has My Wings” and “Finding Freedom; Writings from Death Row”  This is one of my favorite testimonials, too. OG referring to Original Gangster. So I am an Original Gangster of Dharma. Sounds like a book title!





-Loved everything about this presentation and loved Rev. Shannon. “Becoming a channel for grace” is the message I got from her in learning Buddhist and Interfaith Chaplaincy. 


-I loved everything about this class. I went home on the lunch break and felt like I had been in a healing session-Susan’s very presence, voice, and loving gaze for all of us soothed and invited an intimate space of class reflection.
-Susan, herself, was really wonderful… embodying the teachings and giving a good overview of the topic.



-Susan’s sharing  was raw, deep, and a great example of living the Buddha’s compassion



-I really enjoyed Susan’s description of her work, of the how she approaches prison chaplaincy, and of the quality and the depth of the relationships that she has cultivated over the years with the men she works with. Susan’s temperament and Buddhist training give her a grounded, unflinching, realistic, courageous presence, and from that she can support the Great Compassion that is the Buddhist ideal — support over time in a sustained way. 
-Profound teachings grounded in the work of the world. What a gift to be in the presence of such a depth of heart, and to receive expert guidance into steel prisons, the prisons within our hearts, and the work to be done in both.



-Connect/disconnect/connect. Susan offered principles grounded in Buddhism and prison work that apply across all faiths and all work. A true gift.



-It is always good to hear directly from a Chaplain who is creating an important role in the prison system for Interfaith Chaplaincy. It was powerful to hear stories of the spiritual awakening and the arc of transformation she is witnessing with prisoners on death row.


 -I loved how Susan explained the Interfaith vocabulary, filters, and boundaries. It was examples of the humanity of inmates that really tugged at my heart. I embraced the childhood wounding issues, their traumas, shame, and fear, judgments & labels. I opened my heart to more empathy and compassion with hope for .healing and hope. ALL LIVES DO MATTER!



– Susan Shannon is one of my favorite teachers at ChI. This is the second time I have been gifted by attending one of her classes. She truly models walking one’s talk. Not only did I feel that I learned a lot about prison ministry, but I felt that my own theology was expanded and strengthened by her discussion about connecting and disconnecting; and I also felt that I learned a lot about being a teacher from watching how she fielded questions and stayed very present with the class. What did I like about the class? Everything! I learned a lot of practical things, and also felt like Susan created a space where spiritual awakening and transformation happened for me.





-Susan’s groundedness, depth and wisdom were palatable. She personifies the humble path of the Buddha.


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